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POSITION: UE3 Gameplay/Utility Programmer


DUTIES: Collaborate with Content Designers, Level Designers, Artists, Technical Artists, and other Programmers to extract requirements, identify problems, present multiple solutions, and recommend the most effective course of action.  Implementation of localization into Unreal Engine 3 (“UE3″) and Steam, along with the creation of specific localized builds using UnrealScript.  Perform complete life-cycle development of Unreal Engine products, including architecting, programming, and debugging high quality products with efficient, robust, and maintainable code for Gameplay, 3D graphics, user interface/HD, AI, vehicles, and networking using C/C++ and C# object-oriented design.  Create and maintain appropriate Steam depot.  Integrate current and future Steamworks technology into the company’s products.  Design and develop systems for persistency and multiple platform integration, including current and next generation game console and PC hardware.  Create installers/gold masters with full Steam wrap-around.  Design and implement tools for the company’s production pipeline such as continuous integration, swarm system, software configuration management/versioning.  Perform web tool/application development using PHP, JS, CSS, and transactional databases.  Develop and maintain the company’s information architecture and work with Quality Assurance to address defects and gameplay issues.



  • High school diploma and 5 years of experience with UnrealScript & integrating products with Steam & Steamworks
  • 3 years of experience with Unreal Engine 3.
  • (Will accept Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, game programming or related field with 3 & 2 years of stated experience, respectively.)
  • Experience must include complete life-cycle development of at least 2 Unreal Engine products, game console & PC hardware, and variations between platforms.



CONTACT:  Mr. Patrick Childers, CTO

Zimmdot, LLC

5825 Glenridge Drive, NE, Building 3 Suite 255, Atlanta, GA 30328

Email: Patrick@zimmdot.com


Know a good iOS developer looking for a job? Yeah, me neither

These days it seems that everyone wants to develop for the smartphone generation.  And that’s a smart plan considering how integrated smart phones have become in our lives.  We can check the weather, order baseball tickets, find the stadium, and listen to the best announcers play-by-play at the stadium while ordering another brewsky with our phone- and that’s just for starters.

So, who needs an app?  Any company that would like customers.  Or anyone who has a fun idea for a game.  Or anyone with a useful idea for our lives.  One little teeny tiny problem: who can develop it?  At Zimmdot, we have a couple really great iOS developers and they are booked continually.  (If you are looking to make the next great game, we do contracting- so call us!  We are currently booking for September development).

We’d love to build our staff up, but can’t find too much great talent out there for iOS.  Most of our friends in the software, gaming, and entertainment fields feel the same way.  I bet you are looking for someone who knows iOS or wishing you knew iOS well enough to jump into this growing market.  Well, friend, you are in luck!

This summer, Zimmdot is hosting several classes for professional development, including 3 mobile development classes, 2 Unreal Engine classes, and one class for graduating seniors looking to get hired.

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Jobs: Interns

Interns have been on my mind quite a bit lately.  We have recently partnered with a great college (SPSU) which has one of the best CS degrees in the state.  It’s also quite close; how convenient.  The goal is to mentor 4 teams of juniors and seniors to complete several projects or augment projects already in the works.

Not only have we begun a formal mentoring program with SPSU, but we have been approached by two other companies seeking to place interns with us.  It seems that the idea of mentoring is becoming quite a trend.  Read on to find out 3 reasons you should join the trend, no matter which side of the table you sit on. Continue reading

One Word

Happy New Year!  At Zimmdot, we work so hard the rest of the year, that we’ve been taking some time to review 2011, plan 2012, and do a little company down time.  So I have been MIA awhile and I apologize.

This is the time of the year when new resolutions are carefully written down, and then forgotten.  (Three weeks in- who’s already two weeks behind?)  Resolutions tend to get dramatically detailed and incredibly difficult (“Exercise 7,000 hours in 2012″).  We’re not going that route.  We’ve decided to jump on the “One Word” bandwagon that has been driving around for a couple of years.  Our word is: Continue reading

Life U

If you know me, you know that I loved college.  I took classes that seemed interesting and ones that were taught by interesting professors.  In the end, I had 3 extra minors just because I loved learning.  But I have found, that in all my studies, there are very few really helpful bits of information that I need in my life.  And I even occasionally use the calculus!  But more often than not, I wish I knew more about parenting and maybe didn’t need to learn so much about multi-variable infinite integrals.

Therefore, in the spirit of learning what I really need to know, I have enrolled myself in a private study of life.  My goal is to improve myself at the levels that are important to me.  Below is the list of my current reading list.  I will try to update this list every few months.   Continue reading