#4. Princess of Invoicing

You have started a business.  You’re hot stuff, cutting edge, brand new cool.  You are going to change the world!  Yea, baby!

John Smith, Awesome Guy who started a Business that will Revolutionize Business as We Know It (AGWSABTWRBAWKI, for short).

Well that’s a little long for a business card.  How about “Business King”? “John Smith, Captain of Industry” has a nice ring.   Lauren, Queen Blogger, Princess of Invoicing, Project Manager Extraordinaire!

Don’t be that guy (or girl).

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#2 How to Blog

Okay, so we can all count.  On blog post number, (and this is exact) post number #2, I am going to talk about how to blog.

Whoa.  Pretty fresh, but that’s how we roll here at Zimmdot.  If we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it right,  and then we’ll share how it all went down.  (Okay, enough of that crazy kid talk).

We looked all over the interwebs to see what works.  Here’s the best we came across.

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#1 Why Blog?

So my marketing department (also known as Carolyn) told me: “You need a blog.”  At first, I did what every other overwhelmed, bootstrapping, first-year CEO does.   I resisted.  I am not a writer; I don’t have time; who will read it?

But 2011 is a new year, fresh start, clean slate, and all things considered, a blog is not a bad idea for small companies like Zimmdot.  Here’s why I gave in and started a blog, and why you should too.

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Hello World

Welcome to ZimmThought, a blog from Zimmdot!

We’re a new studio in Atlanta, Georgia.  It’s been just over a year since we started and it’s been an amazing first year.  We’ve put out two iPhone/iPad apps; we’ve maintained several websites for clients.  We’ve developed our flagship product CineRestore.  2011 looks even more promising!

Bootstrapping is starting and developing a company without outside capital.  Since the recession and credit crunch of 2008, more and more start ups are turning to bootstrapping.  We have embraced this concept, and it’s serving very well.   Bootstrapping is radically different than traditional venture capital route that many software start ups use and so it needs a totally new approach.  On that note, join us as we share the journey with you.  We’ll pass on all that we’ve learned and what’s working for us, what’s not, successes, failures, tips, and tricks.  Watch for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday.