The Road to Dreams

Dreams are funny things aren’t they?   Everyone has one.  What’s yours?  Is it crystal clear and tantalizingly close?  Or is your dream kind of fuzzy, and you have no idea when it will be here?  Zimmdot is our dream.  It’s a culmination of years of dreaming, years of working, and we’ve only just begun.  But before we could get there, we had to define our dream.

So how does one define a dream?  Here are two books I suggest:

The What’s-My-Dream book:

1. Cure for the Common Life, by Max Lucado

Cure for the Common Life

You probably grew up like me, hearing “You can do anything!”  Well anything is kind of a lot.  And frankly, it’s just not true.  I am terrible at foreign languages, so diplomat is out.  So is spywork.  But I do have many God-given talents; talents that are a perfect match for my dream.  Max Lucado explores how our gifts are always a perfect match for our best dream, and how to figure out what kind of life that looks like.


The How-Do-I-Get-There book:

2. Quitter, by Jon Acuff


The full title is Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job, so you can figure out why I recommend this book.  Jon Acuff details a practical and realistic approach to being able to live your dream.  I love the idea of simply shouting “I quit!” and then taking a bus around the country, only to be discovered as a great CEO/mom, offered a million dollars, and live on an island, basking in my dream-ness.  But let’s be honest.  That’s just not going to work.  Read Quitter and you will have a road map in hand to do what you love, and to be successful at it.

*Full disclosure: Quitter officially releases on May 10th, so I have a little jump on reading this.  You can order yours today though.

What’s your dream?  Is it clear and close, or fuzzy and far?

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