Zimmdot’s CineRestore used during the restoration process of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film, “The Sacrifice”

We are very excited to announce that CineRestore, Zimmdot’s film and video restoration software, was used during the restoration process for Andrei Tarkovsky’s film, “The Sacrifice.”

CineRestore has the ability to drastically improve the picture quality of even the most deteriorated, scratched or dirty film/video elements using default or user created settings.  Don’t believe us?  Just watch “The Sacrifice” or visit CineRestore’s website for samples!

“The Sacrifice” is a 1986 Swedish film that explores a father’s willingness to sacrifice everything in order to save the world.  This CineRestore remastered edition is now available in Blue-Ray through Kino, a movie distributor specializing in World Cinema.

To view full credits and purchase “The Sacrifice”: click here. But first, a few reviews:

DVD Talk:

“There were hardly any instances of scratches or marks on the film.”

Decoy Music:

“Sven Nykvist’s gorgeous cinematography is presented in near perfect HD.”

Blog Critics:

“Print damage is very minimal. The film looks just fantastic — easily the best you’ll see it outside of a repertory 35mm screening. … with an astonishing clarity of image and detail. … The film looks marvelous, and a transfer like this is essential to fully appreciating the sheer visual beauty of a Tarkovsky work.”

"The Sacrifice" Cover Comparison