10 years ago today, a horrific attack took place on American soil. In it’s wake, we showed courage, faith, and pride. In the ten years since, Americans have not yet forgotten.

I was a college freshman. I knew no one who died; I didn’t even know any one in the state of New York. But I will not forget 9/11/01.

No one in first period knew what had happened; we were just switching classes when the second tower came down. A tv was rolled into the class, but all I remember was confusion. What was happening?

I remember stopping a professor.
“Why are classes cancelled?”
“You heard about NY?”
“Yes, but surely it was an accident?”

“Professor, it was an accident?”

There in that moment, the world shifted. The pit of my stomach still drops at the breathless innocence held in that question. My blood runs cold remembering my desperate plea. At 18, I found out that evil and hate really do exist. There was no accident. There were 11 men who boarded a plane with the intent to destroy 3,000 lives, countless families, and one nation.

The story doesn’t end on that morning. We are still rebuilding. We are still strong, proud, brave, and faithful. There were no attacks today. I can’t help but think the enemy has failed. Our armed forces are stronger. Our people are braver. Our country is healing. Today, in the still sounds of rush hour traffic, on tennis courts and football fields, in planes and trains and cars, in homes all across our land, during the hymns sung at our churches, we have won. This is our victory.

God bless America, my home sweet home!