One Word

Happy New Year!  At Zimmdot, we work so hard the rest of the year, that we’ve been taking some time to review 2011, plan 2012, and do a little company down time.  So I have been MIA awhile and I apologize.

This is the time of the year when new resolutions are carefully written down, and then forgotten.  (Three weeks in- who’s already two weeks behind?)  Resolutions tend to get dramatically detailed and incredibly difficult (“Exercise 7,000 hours in 2012″).  We’re not going that route.  We’ve decided to jump on the “One Word” bandwagon that has been driving around for a couple of years.  Our word is:


This is the year we are going to relentlessly FOCUS on finishing.  We’re going to FOCUS on one project at a time (okay, maybe two).  Zimmdot has about 6 projects at various stages of doneness.  Some are missing art assents, some need sound.  One needs a good title.  We have at least 2 products that need a good sales person.  This is the year all of those are finished in a FOCUSed effort to achieve completion.

You might wonder why I didn’t choose “Finish” as my word of the year.  Frankly, in a sort of ruthlessly honest self examination, I have realized that I lack focus in completing projects.  I get so excited and caught up writing proposals and pitches (which is great, because that’s my job!), that focusing on one project is where the actual problem is.  We finish plenty of projects for our clients.  They get art and sound and bug fixes and polish, then out the door they go, beautiful and done.  Our projects get pushed aside for paying clients, or put on hold to find the time to finish them.  Then we get excited about a great possibility, and someone takes a couple of days to create a proof of concept, which then languishes for want of FOCUS.

One a bunny trail, this sort of behavior, stems directly from me.  I hate to admit it, but then again you can’t fix a bug until you find it.  I think this just proves again that a company imitates the leader.  Your habits become your companies habits.  Your foibles become your company foibles.  If you notice something wrong with your company, eventually, a good CEO finds that “bug” in herself.

So this year, we will be FOCUSING on FINISHING!  Look for all the great projects we are going to be launching this year.

What’s your one word for 2012?

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