Know a good iOS developer looking for a job? Yeah, me neither

These days it seems that everyone wants to develop for the smartphone generation.  And that’s a smart plan considering how integrated smart phones have become in our lives.  We can check the weather, order baseball tickets, find the stadium, and listen to the best announcers play-by-play at the stadium while ordering another brewsky with our phone- and that’s just for starters.

So, who needs an app?  Any company that would like customers.  Or anyone who has a fun idea for a game.  Or anyone with a useful idea for our lives.  One little teeny tiny problem: who can develop it?  At Zimmdot, we have a couple really great iOS developers and they are booked continually.  (If you are looking to make the next great game, we do contracting- so call us!  We are currently booking for September development).

We’d love to build our staff up, but can’t find too much great talent out there for iOS.  Most of our friends in the software, gaming, and entertainment fields feel the same way.  I bet you are looking for someone who knows iOS or wishing you knew iOS well enough to jump into this growing market.  Well, friend, you are in luck!

This summer, Zimmdot is hosting several classes for professional development, including 3 mobile development classes, 2 Unreal Engine classes, and one class for graduating seniors looking to get hired.

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