7 Reasons to Sign up for Zimmdot’s Professional Dev. Classes

Have you heard?  Zimmdot is holding several professional development classes this summer.  You should definitely sign up; here’s 7 reasons why!

  1. Looking for a job? Many of our friends  in the Atlanta area are hiring (and by many,  I mean all.  Everyone we work with, contract with, hang out with, know by name only.  Everyone is hiring).  But because there are so many job seekers, few companies are willing to train new recruits.  That means you need to come prepared.  Zimm Classes are a great way to get to know everything from iOS to Unreal Engine 3.
  2. Looking for a job?  You may have heard, we know a lot of people who are hiring.  For our students, we are offering to work on their behalf as recruiters and send along resumes and recommendations to all those friends looking for the perfect fit.
  3. The price is incredible! Other classes of this type are 3 or more times as much.  We priced this so professionals, recent graduates, contractors, entrepreneurs, even someone who is unemployed can all afford these extensive classes.
  4. The material is extensive.  The classes feature over 60 hours of instruction!  Packed into a couple of weeks, you can still even get to work.  Plus we link you up with all sorts of videos, articles, blogs, and posts that are interesting and informative.
  5. The timing is perfect.  Usually summer slows down just a tiny bit, so we thought summer classes would be perfect to fit your schedule.  Take a couple of mornings or evenings after work, no sweat!
  6. The instructors are experts.  We have our very own CTO, Patrick Childers teaching our mobile classes.  David Hensley, Art Director at award-winning Tripwire Interactive is teaching the UDK level design class.  And Zimmdot’s Tech Lead, Greater Good Games founder, and developer on 3 Unreal games, Dayle Flowers will be teaching UE3 programming class.  These guys know their stuff and when you are done, you will too!
  7. Save some money! There is a ton of ways to save when you refer a friend.  If your friend names you as their referral, you will receive a $200 credit off any class you would like to take.  Find 5 friends and most classes are free!  Alternatively, you can share your referral credit with your friend, $100 off for them, $100 off for you.  That’s just 10 friends away from a free class for you.  Plus, this coupon can be used with any other promo code you have.  Can’t get better than that!

So take it from me, you can’t go wrong with Zimmdot training classes.  They start next week, so sign up today!

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