Guest Post: Search Engine Optimization Teaser

Carolyn continues her SEO series today with Part 2: Why, Google, why??

Okay, the first blog post gave you some insight into why it’s important to follow Google’s algorithm updates and how important original content is.

But here are a few other things that Google’s algorithm looks at when it’s “crawlers” crawl the internet as soon as a searcher hits enter. Continue reading

Guest Post: Search Engine Optimization Update

SEO is like magic to me; better get a crystal ball to figure it out!  Carolyn has come back to guest post about Google’s newest SEO update.  Check back next Tuesday for Part 2!

Not only do we have to stay on top of our Marketing efforts, but our mediums have to stay on top as well to ensure they are delivering a marketing medium that both marketers and consumers will use.

In order to stay ahead of marketing industry behavior, Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithm.  This algorithm is the equation the search engine uses to find quality sites when you enter a key word or phrase into Google’s search field. Continue reading

Guest Post: Marketing for The Bootstrapping Company

Our marketing department, AKA Carolyn, is a wealth of knowledge. I have asked her to write today’s post about her favorite topic: Marketing for the Bootstrapper!  I hope you enjoy reading her thoughts.

Hi all, my name is Carolyn and I’m the Director of Marketing here at Zimmdot.  Lauren asked me to write a guest entry for the blog … lucky you! ;-) Continue reading