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As a bootstrapping company who wants to ensure a bright future, we are hiring interns.  So send every hard working computer science major you know our way!

Google’s algorithm is quite complex. Some of the variables are more content based and some are technical, but all are essential. Here are a few things that Google’s algorithm looks.

SEO is like magic to me; better get a crystal ball to figure it out!  Carolyn has come back to guest post about Google’s newest SEO update.  Check back next Tuesday for Part 2! Not only do we have to stay on top of our Marketing efforts, but our mediums have to stay on top […]

Keep on top of consumer behavioral trends so you will be aware when they change. And when they change, take the extra time to adjust your strategy/approach so you will get the most out of your social marketing.

Our marketing department, AKA Carolyn, is a wealth of knowledge. I have asked her to write today’s post about her favorite topic: Marketing for the Bootstrapper!  I hope you enjoy reading her thoughts. Hi all, my name is Carolyn and I’m the Director of Marketing here at Zimmdot.  Lauren asked me to write a guest […]

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