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POSITION: UE3 Gameplay/Utility Programmer


DUTIES: Collaborate with Content Designers, Level Designers, Artists, Technical Artists, and other Programmers to extract requirements, identify problems, present multiple solutions, and recommend the most effective course of action.  Implementation of localization into Unreal Engine 3 (“UE3″) and Steam, along with the creation of specific localized builds using UnrealScript.  Perform complete life-cycle development of Unreal Engine products, including architecting, programming, and debugging high quality products with efficient, robust, and maintainable code for Gameplay, 3D graphics, user interface/HD, AI, vehicles, and networking using C/C++ and C# object-oriented design.  Create and maintain appropriate Steam depot.  Integrate current and future Steamworks technology into the company’s products.  Design and develop systems for persistency and multiple platform integration, including current and next generation game console and PC hardware.  Create installers/gold masters with full Steam wrap-around.  Design and implement tools for the company’s production pipeline such as continuous integration, swarm system, software configuration management/versioning.  Perform web tool/application development using PHP, JS, CSS, and transactional databases.  Develop and maintain the company’s information architecture and work with Quality Assurance to address defects and gameplay issues.



  • High school diploma and 5 years of experience with UnrealScript & integrating products with Steam & Steamworks
  • 3 years of experience with Unreal Engine 3.
  • (Will accept Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, game programming or related field with 3 & 2 years of stated experience, respectively.)
  • Experience must include complete life-cycle development of at least 2 Unreal Engine products, game console & PC hardware, and variations between platforms.



CONTACT:  Mr. Patrick Childers, CTO

Zimmdot, LLC

5825 Glenridge Drive, NE, Building 3 Suite 255, Atlanta, GA 30328

Email: Patrick@zimmdot.com